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Wedding Dress Inspiration for a Summer Wedding

Summer is a prime time for weddings in the UK, with August, unsurprisingly, being the most popular month of 2022.

In typical British style, the weather is always what people consider when choosing their wedding dress. 9 out of 10 brides that I see eliminate ballgowns for their Summer nuptials because it'll be "too hot". So before we start looking at wedding dress inspo, let me introduce you to a hoop ladies! This invention is a top bridal secret - some may say old-fashioned - but I am their biggest advocate!

You're looking at this photo, and I already know what you're thinking - sexy right?! But listen up...

  • A hoop will ensure your dress keeps it's shape all day, whether fishtail, A-line or ballgown.

  • A hoop will stop you from falling over your dress as you walk, and mean you won't need to pick it up at the front. The hoop is keeping it away from your feet.

  • A hoop will keep the dress away from your legs - everyone needs some air flow in Summer!

  • A hoop will make it much easier to go to the toilet!

So now we have agreed ballgowns are acceptable in the Summer, let me introduce you to six of my favourite gowns, perfect for a Summer wedding!

Meryl - This lace is everything. The beautiful pattern with the swirls and motifs create an unparalleled depth to this gown. Strapless, the bodice cuts a clean line across the body giving the feeling it is suspended and effortless. Although fitted to the knee before flaring with a decadent train at the back, you can't even feel it on, with the soft and lightweight fabric that is beyond comparison.

Talia - This elegant mermaid gown balances the intricate hand beaded lace bodice with a striking crepe train. The sumptuous crepe fabric is easy-wearing and so on trend for the Summer season too. Talia cuts an incredible silhouette, showing the beautiful full figure, and with less layers and more open at the front and back, it is definitely a cooler option.

Myrtle - Have you ever seen a dress which screams beach vibes more than this one?! With a beautifully embroidered tulle bodice that falls softly onto the layered tulle skirt. The high leg split offers unrestricted movement, imagine the photos of you walking through the sand in that!

Hannah - Whimsical was the name of the game with this lace gown from Tania Olsen. Perfect for a modern outdoor wedding, the embroidered lace and soft tulle is lightweight, combined with the 3D florals, giving us all the Summertime feels. Without a train at the back, this gown is easy-wearing and suitable for the outdoors without worrying about getting it dirty.

Kennedy - This is a whimsical choice for your special day, with it's ditsy floral lace, sparkle detail and dreamy tiered tulle skirt. Deceptively light, and screaming for a hoop to be popped underneath, this gown proves a girl can be a princess, whatever the weather!

Hellana - This ballgown has everything for an elegant affair! With a sleek and structured bodice at the front, and a deep, softened V at the back, this dress is definitely not too much. The simplicity of this design makes it perfect to add pops of Summer colours to compliment the look.


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