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It Started With A Kiss...

Lily Francis Bridal has been a dream for more years than I can remember.


A chance for me to be able to look at beautiful dresses all day long.

A chance for me to be able to meet amazing women and allow them to talk about how they envisaged looking on their big day.

A chance for me to make that dream a reality, and to see the undeniable look on a woman's face when she finds "the one". 

A chance for me to be able to see the distinguishable glow of a woman as she wears "the one" and feels it's right. 

As I spoke to my husband about this imaginary shop, he turned to me, 

He kissed me and said, "You'll be great", and I knew. It was time for me to put my big girl pants on and open this shop!

Welcome to Lily Francis Bridal, and I really cannot wait to welcome you, to meet you, and mostly, to see you glow in one of the beautiful dresses in our collection.

                                                                                            Michelle x

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