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Richard Designs

Richard Designs is a family owned and run business, founded over 30 years ago, as a bridal florist. In that time they have grown to become the leading designer and manufacturer of bridal accessories in the UK, with stockists worldwide. As a company they have always maintained their independence which has allowed them to bring new innovations to market and lead the way in setting new trends. 

Richard Designs dresses range from £700-£1300.


Richard Designs are the only UK designer and manufacturer to have staff dedicated exclusively to the design and development of new pieces, giving them the chance to create truly ground-breaking pieces. Richard Designs proudly give their team the freedom to develop and express their creative ideas, ensuring their products push the boundaries of design. 

“Just take deep breaths and believe in the impossible”
      ― Sherrilyn Kenyon

Bridal photoshoot with four brides.
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