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10 Things You Can Do With Your Wedding Dress After Your Wedding Day

Every bride gets asked, "Have you got your wedding dress yet?" in the run up to their wedding. Everyone wants to know what it's like, and for lots of brides the dress is the one thing they're most excited about.

But after the Wedding Day, no one asks, "What are you doing with your wedding dress now?".

For lots of brides, it just gets popped back in the bag and shoved in the wardrobe or under the bed. But we've put together 10 ideas for what you can do with your wedding dress after your Wedding Day to give you some inspo, and potentially your dress a second life.

Two brides sitting on stairs during their wedding, wearing wedding dresses from Lily Francis Bridal.
© Jessica Holt Photography

Preserve It

Many brides choose to have their wedding dress professionally cleaned and preserved to keep it in pristine condition as a sentimental keepsake. If you plan to keep your wedding dress after you've had it cleaned, it's advisable to pay the extra to get it stored in a specially made, acid-free, bridal box to preserve it.

Pass It Down

If you have daughters or nieces, you might consider saving your dress to pass down as a family heirloom. Some people opt to wear the dress exactly as it was, but lots of brides now use different parts, such as splitting and using the skirt, or using the lace to make a veil. My favourite is when the lace is used to make the bridal gown to wear when getting ready in the morning.

Donate It

There are organisations that accept donated wedding dresses to provide affordable options for brides on a budget or to support charitable causes. Lots of high street charity shops will accept wedding dresses and sell on, raising much-needed funds for the charity. This option also allows brides, who may not ordinarily afford an expensive wedding dress, to buy a stunning gown for a lower price.

Two brides celebrating their wedding, wearing wedding dresses from Lily Francis Bridal.
© Jessica Holt Photography

Repurpose It

Get creative and repurpose your dress into something new, like a christening gown, a quilt, or even decorative pillows. There are lots of ideas on how to do this online, with some patterns too. Something like pillows can be passed down through the generations, or gifted to those closest to you.

Sell It

If you don't want to keep your dress, consider selling it to recoup some of the cost or to give another bride the chance to wear it. Websites such as eBay and Stillwhite are popular outlets, or the physical Bridal Reloved stores accept preloved designer gowns. There are also dedicated Facebook groups with brides all over the UK looking for specific gowns.

Trash The Dress

For the adventurous bride, a "trash the dress" photoshoot can be a fun way to create unique and artistic images while saying goodbye to the dress in a memorable way. Check out Pinterest inspo where you can create a shoot that symbolises you two, whether a hobby or special place. The underwater photos look amazing for any divers out there!

Frame It

Have a portion of your dress or veil framed along with a wedding photo for a beautiful piece of wall art. These can create a real feature piece for your home that you can treasure and will be a talking point with your guests. There are some specialist companies around that can help with this if needed.

Two brides posing for photographs during their wedding, wearing wedding dresses from Lily Francis Bridal.
© Jessica Holt Photography

Costume or Cosplay

If your dress has a unique style or colour, consider repurposing it as a costume for themed parties or cosplay events. Local theatre groups might appreciate it for their costume department, and you could spot your gown on the stage one day!

Fashion A New Garment

Work with a tailor to transform your dress into a new garment that you can wear again, such as a cocktail dress or skirt. This is a popular idea with brides that come into Lily Francis Bridal, as they consider how their wedding dress could be altered prior to committing. The idea of being able to re-wear your wedding dress every wedding anniversary is a really sweet way to keep your dress.

Donate For Repurposing

Some charities accept wedding dresses to repurpose the fabric into burial gowns for stillborn babies or for other charitable sewing projects. This is a heartbreaking thought, but your gown could be honouring a little life. There are a few UK charities who appreciate wedding dresses to make these beautiful gowns, so check out their websites.

Whatever you decide to do with your dress is totally up to you, but please don't just put it bag in the bag and hide under the bed! All these options above are great ways to give your dress another purpose, but you do need to consider cleaning beforehand. For more info on our wedding dress cleaning service, get in touch today!

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