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How To Keep Your Wedding Guests Cool in the Summer

With the Summer wedding season well and truly upon us, and the unprecedented high temperatures, getting dressed up for a wedding isn't everyone's idea of a good time. The internet is full of ingenious ideas on how to keep yourself and your guests cool at your wedding. However, to save you some time (as anyone planning a wedding knows, you don't have much of that spare!), I have picked out ten great hacks that are both affordable and "cool" for your big day.

1. All Eyes On You

Bridal party in sunglasses

This is my absolute favourite idea here, sunglasses! There are so many reasons why sunglasses are a great option for Summer weddings. Not only will they protect your guest's from the sun, they can double up as favours too. However, the photo opportunities with this prop are endless, and will certainly make for some really cool pictures. Sunglasses can be purchased fairly cheaply in bulk, and you can personalise them to suit the colour theme for your wedding day.

Beer filled canoe
©Emily Costopoulos

2. On the Rocks

No matter what your tipple is in the Summer, one thing is for sure, everyone likes it cold to quench that thirst. There is no limited to how creative you can be with this one, just work with your theme. I've seen wheelbarrows, canoes, old baths and even the back of a pick up truck acting as outside bars. So fill what you have with plenty of ice and pop your choice of beverage in to cool your guests on those hot days.

3. I'm A Big Fan Of Weddings

The one item everyone needs on a hot day is a fan! How amazingly cool are these fans that can double up as wedding programmes too?! Check out the huge choice of different designs by Cotton Bird UK ( where there is definitely something for everyone. So not only will these fans keep your guests chilled, they will ensure everyone is in the right place at the right time too. Talk about two birds and one stone.

4. Frosé-n

Watermelon Frosé

Simply frozen rosé wine blended with fruits in a slushie machine. The ultimate Summer cooler tipple! Bar Primi in New York City's East Village can be credited for the wine cocktail's invention in the summer of 2016. Traditionally mixed with strawberries, but raspberries, watermelon, blueberries and peaches all taste great and offer a quirky alternative. If you have an experienced caterer or bartender onboard for your wedding, it may even be possible to create your own signature wedding blend!

5. Always Use Protection

It's great to have fun on your wedding day, but it's equally as important to be safe. The chances are that your guests will have some skin on show to try to keep cool on the hot days, but that is why sunscreen is even more important. Your guests will really appreciate your thoughtfulness, particularly if you have children attending your event.

These mini bottles, available online at, can be filled beforehand with sunscreen, then gifted to your guests, with each one personalised with their name, or your wedding date for them to remember. Guests can then reuse their gifted bottles in the future for hand sanitiser, hand cream and sunscreen, remembering your amazing wedding day each time they have a squirt.

6. What's The Scoop?

For a sure fire winner, ice cream is the one. Your Cool ( offer a unique experience for your wedding day. Freshly made ice cream and sorbets, with a choice of flavours and personalised branding just for you.

Jo, founder of Your Cool, says, "We find sorbets are particularly popular on a hot day, especially something like our refreshing elderflower sorbet, and also the fruity ice cream flavours like lemon or Eton mess are great for a Summer wedding."

7. Extra Padding Please

If you're planning on having parts of your day outside, whether the ceremony or reception, remember that metal gets hot. If your venue does have metal seats, it would definitely be worth investing in some cushion pads for your guests to sit on. There will be plenty of companies locally which will rent these out, or can be purchased, usually with quite a wide choice of colours or patterns to work with your theme.

8. I'm (Coco)-Nutty About You

Nothing screams Summer more than drinking straight from a coconut, and I just love sipping fresh coconut water through a straw. Offering a refreshing coconut water station is an inventive way to cool your guests, and a great backdrop for that all-important selfie! Coconut water offers many health benefits and is safe for all ages to drink, but please do your research first and make sure that you're using fresh coconuts.

9. You Can Stand Under My Umbrella

Paper Parasols
Stefano Santucci

Paper parasols are such a quirky and photogenic idea for weddings, and a great way of keeping the rays off. Providing your guests with a brolly gives them the option to sit in the shade if they'd rather, and are a great keepsake for your guests too.

There is such a huge range of paper parasols available online to suit different colours and themes, so it is definitely worth doing your homework and searching the web to find the right ones that will work for your wedding.

10. Anything is Popsicle

Prosecco Popsicles

This is bound to be a crowd pleaser. Popsicles in Prosecco.

Who'd have thought adult beverages and kids desserts would be a perfect marriage?! These are such a fun and colourful idea for those adult guests, although be warned, they can get messy as the popsicles begin to melt. Invest in some fancy, natural fruit lollies and these drinks almost become bellinis!

Obviously, be sure to make sure any little people are also catered for with something equally as fun and exciting for them to enjoy.


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