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Tania Olsen

Inspired by the nature and architecture surrounding her sunny Brisbane HQ, Tania Olsen carefully structures each collection with silhouettes specially designed and crafted for diverse audience appeal. From each season’s inception, impeccable tailoring brings to life versatile, yet modern interpretations of classic design.

Tania Olsen gowns priced from £600-£1100.

TC373 Myrtle by Tania Olsen
Greenary border
TC295 by Tania Olsen
Greenary border

Using the environment as her muse and the innate desire to seek out magical places, these pieces are not just designs but a destination. Tania Olsen Designs is an Australian-based label that crafts timeless, yet modern pieces for every special occasion.

"If a guy can't handle you in sweatpants, than he doesn't deserve you in a wedding dress."
                 - Aubrey Graham

Bride wearing Jada by Romantica of Devon whilst seated at Hinwick Hall.
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